Innovating Charity

I am committed to make sure my recommended projects are effective and provide you with an inspiring and rewarding experience. Most people want to help, give and encourage change where it is needed but this is a hard thing to sustain and not everyone has the means to keep giving. With a real reward or direct experience with the cause you are helping it makes giving an easier thing to commit too. The projects I support are all positive and fun ways to make a real difference but also provide a life changing experience so you can first hand see the difference you make, the best kind of charity. It's not just about money, sometimes time, energy and passion can make a bigger difference so if you have those, get involved and watch the change you can inspire.

Conservation Projects:

More information coming on this very soon.

Tribes and Community Projects:

More information coming on this very soon.

Are you a change maker?

Change makers are optimists with real passion. Their actions do not come from selfish greed, or a lust for power and it’s not just about their own ability to rise above adversity, they believe heart and soul in the value of the change they are seeking. If you have this, you are a born change maker so please get involved.