IN THE BEGINNING: Anna started life in Africa, where her roots firmly remain. She was born and brought up in Kenya where her passion for ‘the wild’ began. With two very busy parents, Anna was brought up with help from Christine, a local Kenyan lady who remains very close. At a young age, Anna learnt important life lessons from Christine and developed an understanding of different cultures, traditions and ways of life. Aged 12 she won a scholarship to Oakham School and traveled from her much loved life and people in Kenya to UK every term for the 5 years that followed. At school she excelled in both sports and academics. With an ambition to become a Flying Doctor in East Africa she then studied Neuroscience at Nottingham University. It is here that Anna became engrossed in the idea of using TV as a powerful tool to help educate and inform, an interest she developed from her father whose company ‘The Mediae Trust’ excels in this field in East Africa. Anna began to build a university TV station and online channel in her spare time, creating a valuable platform for the student voice and gaining an understanding of audiences and TV. Come her graduation day (which she spent with a tribe in the Amazon) she left behind a fully equipped and funded station with a dedicated committee to keep it running. It is now a popular part of the student union with hundreds of student members and some fantastic content. On her return from the Amazon, Nottingham University granted her with an award for ‘exceptional contribution to the Student Union’.

THEN THERE WAS TV: Anna switched her degree to Film and TV, writing her dissertation on ‘How TV can be used to help support children's primary education in Kenya’. Whilst finishing her dissertation Anna was faced with her first big decision, choosing between an internship with FOX in Hollywood or taking part in a BBC series called ‘Last Woman Standing’. The day she handed in her dissertation she boarded a plane to the Amazon for the first episode of ‘Last Woman Standing’. Anna spent the next 5 months competing against 4 other athletes chosen from UK in this grueling physical competition. She lived with 6 different remote tribes, was given a week to master their sport and then compete with the locals and other athletes on the seventh day. Anna won 3 of the 6 challenges, thus winning the title ‘Last Woman Standing’. Since the experience she has refined her understanding of fitness and best ways to achieve it, developed an understanding in the value of sport and how it can be used to build confidence, mental strength and help support social inclusion. She is now a qualified personal trainer and nutritionist. After her on screen debut Anna worked for BBC Factual in London before deciding to work as a freelance producer and presenter. This allows her to balance time between her wildlife projects in East Africa and her TV career.

WILDLIFE: Anna’s first love is wildlife, she recently retired from competitive sport so as to spend more time in Kenya and finally turn her full attention to wildlife and conservation efforts in East Africa. Growing up in Kenya she already has an understanding of it’s wildlife and the complicated layers behind the current wildlife issues. Anna’s focus is on Elephant, Rhino and Lion conservation. She is studying a masters in ‘Wildlife and Documentary filmmaking’ to compliment her hope to raise greater awareness and understanding of today’s conservation crisis in East Africa.

Anna is fuelled by challenge, adventure and the extraordinary. Those who know her will agree she is no ordinary extreme sports athlete, her African heritage helps keep her priorities straight. Her interest in helping with community projects and conservation initiatives are aligned towards helping others. Her African upbringing and grass roots sporting background feed her thirst for adventure, travel and her contagious passion for life.